Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This or That

Linking up with Whitney for This or That! 

Vacationing in Florida or vacationing in NYC: NYC. Being that I go to Florida ALL the time and have never been to NYC. 

iPhone or Droid: iPhone, even though I have a android. which will be changing SOONish.

NSYNC or Backstreet Boys: NSYNC FOR LIFE.

Being forced to delete Facebook or being forced to delete Twitter:Ehh fabo.

Fireball or Miller Lite: Miller Lite.

Full House or Family Matters: Full House for sure.

Dumbledore or Gandalf: Dumbledore.

Dying Easter eggs or Carving pumpkins: Carving Pumpkins!

NFL or NCAAF: yikes, id have to go with both

A hangover forever or sobriety forever: i'd have to go with Sobriety forever

January or July: July.MY BIRTHDAY, DUH

Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus: EEEk idk? Ill go with Miley mainly because I never really watched Hannah Montanna

Shark Week or Fashion Week: Shark Week, DUH

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Saved by the Bell: It's a tie. Both

Britney or Christina: Britney Spears all the way.

Burrito or Burrito Bowl: Burrito Bowl, thank you Chipolte.

Reading blogs on your phone or reading blogs on your computer:on the computer most definitely. .

Angelina or Jennifer: Jennifer. I hate homewreckers like Angelina. BYE.

Doug Funny or The Rugrats: neither.

An open mouth chewer or a heavy breather: NEITHER. 

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  1. Umm yes home wreckers make me angry!!!!

    1. IKR! I literally thought I was the only person who disliked her for that!