Friday, January 31, 2014

Five on Friday

It's been forever since I participated in this wonderful weekly linkup, so here I am. 

1. If you read my previous post, or even the news you might have noticed that Atlanta made national news with our Winter Storm. Luckily for me I got an adult snow day out of it and enjoyed every minute of it.
2. Is anyone else kinda ready for Spring? I am, simply because I am so ready to wear spring nail polish again!
3. I am ready to do something different with my hair! I've been looking at different styles and came to this conclusion:                              
I want this color

and this for cut: 

4. I am so so excited that me and the girls are planning on going to see Britney in Vegas in August! WHAT WHAT?!?!? I cannot wait to start planning this trip. We haven't made any concrete plans yet, but we will be seeing Brit this summer. HOLLA.
5. Also, today Madison turns 1 month old! And you know what else is today? It's the Chinese New Year and having Madison turn a month old on this date means a ton of good luck in Asian culture and that means we are celebrating!

this picture was done by the Amazing Surita from  Surita V Photography! You can check out her website and whole photo shoot on Madison HERE

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Well looks like Atlanta finally got some snow y'all. It started snowing yesterday about lunch time and started sticking right away luckily my job sent us home right away. What usually is just a 20 minute drive for me turned into an hour and a half. But I can't even complain y'all there are people who are still stuck on the roads and had to spend the night on the roads. Our government declared Georgia in a state of emergency. Praying for those people who were stranded to get home safe. I'm still home today since everything is frozen and I cannot complain about my snowday. But everyone else please stay safe if you are experiencing this ice storm as well. 
Right when it started at work. 

The Hump Day Blog Hop

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Monday, January 27, 2014


Happy Monday y'all! 
Man am I bummed that this weekend is over. It went by way too fast! 
We had the best time for Ashley's bachelorette weekend here in Atlanta! If you read this post then you saw our itinerary. Well that changed a little bit but overall we stuck to our schedule, ha. 
Friday night once we checked in, instead of going to twist like we originally planned we just decided to eat at the hotel. We did dinner at Cook hall.  After dinner came back to the room and did the lingerie shower and were in bed by 11 pm, wild and crazy, I know. ha.
Saturday we did stick to our schedule with a change up of the lunch spot and deciding to skip the shopping and come back to the hotel to have more time to get ready for dinner. 

Hello morning sunrise view of Atlanta. 

8 am mimosas are always a good idea. Duh. 

Mani pedi time at Sugarcoat! 

And while getting ready. 

We made friends with the valet guys. 

Showing us how to take the shot. 
Her turn. 

Sunday Morning, haha. 

Weekend Recap
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Friday, January 24, 2014

HELLO Bachelorette Weekend

It's finally here! Right after work Ashley's bachelorette weekend will begin! I mean we've only been planning it since last February! 
If you follow me on Instagram you can keep up with me on there, I will do my best to have a recap post on Monday! 
Happy Friday Y'all!    

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