About Me

Hi, I'm Lidija! 

My birthday is July 26th. I am a Summer Baby which probably explains my love for the beach! 

I just graduated from Georgia Southern University. Where I majored in Tourism & Hospitality. 

I live for Football & Baseball season!

I like to play golf. I'm not good, but I still love going out there! 

I find humor in almost everything and most people don't get my humor but i'm totally ok with that!

Call me a bookworm, but I like to read, a lot! 

I recently discovered I love being outside!

I am such a foodie! One of my favorite things to do around Atlanta is trying out new restaurants. 

I am OBSESSED with weddings and party planning! So, of course my whole future is planned out on Pinterest! 

Friends & Family mean everything to me! 

My Bestie is also a blogger! Follow her

Here are some other random things you might/ might not want to know about me:
I don't have an inside voice (I don't even know how to whisper)
I put mayo or ranch on everything
I sometimes prefer to do things on my own like shopping and working out
If you mess with me or my friends, I will cut you...just kidding but really don't mess
I am way too gullible
Don't talk to me unless i've had my morning dose of coffee
I think a good glass of wine or a malibu pineapple can solve any problem
I paint my nails on the weekly
I have watched way too many episodes of Criminal Minds and therefore have planned some pretty epic escape routes if ever in those situations
I give the best advice, but when it comes to taking my own I suck at it
I love love kids ( I should have majored in being a nanny, HA)
I love everything about being in Love (even though i'm not)
I know pretty much every verse in Lil Wayne's songs and I dominate all of them (but really)

And there you have it. Me in a Nutshell!


  1. Hey there! :)

    I just started my blog a few weeks ago and I am working on my "About Me" section right now. I just wanted to say I love yours! Its super cute and it seems like we have alot in common. Look forward to reading more of your posts!

    Ashlea Renee

    1. Thanks girl! I'm a new blogger too so it's great when people can relate! Glad to have you!

  2. Yeah we definitely are like the same person. We even had the same major in college!!! Crayyyy.

    1. Ha yay! I love finding bloggers who I can relate to!

  3. Hey, I just found you via the "Let's Be Friends" blog hop! I was born and raised in Atlanta. I LOVE football and baseball. Are you a Braves fan? I can tell that picture is Turner Field! Go Braves! I definitely would rather shop or work out on my own. Are we wrong for this?
    Anyway, I am glad I found you!


  4. Thanks for stopping by! I love finding fellow atlanta bloggers! And no definitely nothing wrong with doing a few things on your own! :)

    Go braves! :)

  5. Hey, I love your blog so far and judging by your name, you are Bosnian like myself. I absolutely LOVE to see our people blog even though you and I have been pretty much it. LOVE LOVE the blog and I am not an avid follower. :)

    1. OH my god, NO WAY! You are right, I am :) I think you're right, I haven't heard of any other Bosnian followers, this is so awesome.
      Thanks for stopping by :)