Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Birthday Weekend

Thank you to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday this past weekend. I had the best weekend! 
Michael Kors presents is always a plus in my book!
These lovely ladies took me out to dinner at Barcelona on Friday night. Good friends, good food, and GOOD Sangrias! 

Saturday My cousin and Jessica took me to Sips N Strokes class. I HAD SO MUCH FUN. Keep in mind, I am NOT artsy at all. I could barely color within the lines when I was little, but this class was so much fun and the best part is you get to bring in your wine! :)  We went to the North Druid Hills area, but I know they have many more locations in the Atlanta Area. I loved our class, instructor was GREAT! 



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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Life Lately

A lot has been going on lately that I haven't had time to sit down at a computer outside of work. on Sunday me and my brother took my parents to the airport who left to go to Bosnia for 3 weeks, I miss them already and want them to come home! 
  Photo: Saying adios to the parents! See y'all soon.
Shameless airport selfie just because. 

Vegas is LESS than a month away, y'all! I have been going a little crazy spending money for this trip. EEK.

My workouts have been consistent and I am definitely starting to see results! Goodbye 20!

With the parents gone,  I have been on a cooking kick, and I gotta admit dinner was not too bad. Thanks Pinterest
Weather down here has been crappy, makes me want to be lazy most days. But it has allowed me for some relaxation time, which has been much needed. 

Birthday is this Saturday, I will try to have a legitimate post back on Monday!

Happy Hump Day!
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Monday, July 14, 2014


Hope everyone had a good weekend! Mine consisted of relaxation and spending Sunday hiking up Stone Mountain. That trail is tough! Five miles to the top! But every time I finish it, it is so worth it! 

Almost forgot about this coffee mug I had. I have so many it's hard to keep track! 


Weekend Recap

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday's Faves

1. Thank goodness this week at work hasn't been too crazy since I am still on vacation mode from our 4th of July trip. You can read about it HERE!
2. I am in LOVE with this dress I purchased from Dress Up Boutique a year ago and finally I was able to wear it this year for the 4th! What's the protocol on how soon I can wear it again? ha.

3. Is anyone else obsessed with Miranda's and Carrie's video for Something Bad? I literally can't at their perfection!

4. The countdown for Vegas has officially started. I have 6 weeks to figure out what to wear, what we should do, and SO much more! Knowing me, I will probably procrastinate till the week of. 
5. My dear friend from High School Hilary  is getting married in October and me and one of the other Bridesmaids are throwing her a bridal shower. Knowing me and my obsession with Monograms the theme will be another Monograms and Mimosas Shower! It's looking like that's gonna be thing for throwing bridal showers, HA! I have been pinning like crazy! 

Y'all have a good weekend! 


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Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July Recap

Long weekends should be happening at least twice a month, I think. I had the best time this past weekend going up North to visit Milwaukee and Chicago. 

Thank goodness for DVD players for long car rides that last  over 13 hours!! 

Once we arrived Friday Morning, we got up early and headed out to Chicago! Even though we didn't get to do all the things we wanted, we made the best out of it. 
LOVE this city!

View from the Willis Tower.

Hello Skydeck at the Willis Tower. 

BEST Deep Dish Pizza I have ever tasted! 

Saturday was spent celebrating sweet Aria! 
Food was Delicious! 
How stinkin cute is she!! 

They were DONE with the grass and the photoshoot! 

Sunday on the way home we stopped at the Famous Smoque BBQ in Chicago that was featured on diners drive-ins and dives and OMG the food lived up to it's rep! 

Weekend Recap

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