Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday's Faves

1. Thank goodness this week at work hasn't been too crazy since I am still on vacation mode from our 4th of July trip. You can read about it HERE!
2. I am in LOVE with this dress I purchased from Dress Up Boutique a year ago and finally I was able to wear it this year for the 4th! What's the protocol on how soon I can wear it again? ha.

3. Is anyone else obsessed with Miranda's and Carrie's video for Something Bad? I literally can't at their perfection!

4. The countdown for Vegas has officially started. I have 6 weeks to figure out what to wear, what we should do, and SO much more! Knowing me, I will probably procrastinate till the week of. 
5. My dear friend from High School Hilary  is getting married in October and me and one of the other Bridesmaids are throwing her a bridal shower. Knowing me and my obsession with Monograms the theme will be another Monograms and Mimosas Shower! It's looking like that's gonna be thing for throwing bridal showers, HA! I have been pinning like crazy! 

Y'all have a good weekend! 


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  1. I love that dress!!! So pretty! I wear stuff over and over again that I love, so I say go for it!

  2. Oh Vegas! I'm jealous! I'm leaving for Maryland on Monday. I love those bright knobs ya used!

  3. Love that song and the video! They are such badass chicks :)