Monday, September 16, 2013

Girls Night Out & Weekend Shenans

Happy Monday Y'all! 

So I am starting my weekend and Thursday because I am a terrible blogger and am putting 2 posts in one. 

Thursday night me and Catherine ( who has a pretty sweet blog as well) hit up Girls Night Out at Lenox Mall out here in Buckhead.
We got to meet the talented Tai Beauchamp from InStyle Magazine!
We did what we do best: 
Drank some Champs 
Got some sweet goodies 

Another reason why I am a terrible blogger? The pictures from Girls Night Out, all belong to Catherine. So really, go check her out! 

Onto the actual weekend! 
Which consisted of Weddings, Good food and company and some football! 
Sad that our Eagles lost, but Falcons dominated the Dome! Rise up! 

 This wedding I worked this past weekend, happened to be the first wedding I helped book at the place I interned during the Spring. Time flies by so fast, seeing that we booked them in February!!

Hello Fall Favorite! 

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  1. I love some Atlanta Falcons! Those pictures of the wedding are gorgeous! Looks like you had a great weekend:)

    1. Now if only they can keep it up! :)
      Thank you, I did! Hope you did too!

  2. So glad we attended the GNO! I needed a fun night out :) thanks bestie!

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