Sunday, July 7, 2013

Back from the beach :)

I had the best time at the beach! So relaxing! Even though there was a monsoon and we saw a water spout starting to form towards the end of the trip, we still had a great time! Regardless of the weather, I was so glad to be able to spend a whole week with the girls. We got a good amount of wedding planning done for Ashley too! The music selection at the reception will be the best, HA!  These picture were taken with phone, sorry is not the best quality. Here's a recap of my week at the beach! 

Amazing food and drinks! 

Happy hour. Two for one! 

Spent a good amount of time by the pool and beachside! 

I love this picture with my biffles! 

And of course the scenery was amazing! 

As sad as I am to that my vacation is over, I am ready to be back home and I am excited to be back to work! 
Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday :) 

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