Thursday, July 25, 2013

I wish I knew back then what I know now.

Every year right around this time I tend to get even more sentimental than I already am and think way too much about everything. I also find myself going through past pictures and think GAH why did I think that was such a good idea? HA.
Yes, I know I am no where near close to figuring out life but there are a few things I wish I had known when I was 18.
1. Don't stress too much over the future. Graduating high school I thought I had it all figured out. I had a plan. Well, plans change and it took me a while but I learned you have to adapt and just go with it. So what if I didn't go to UGA like I had originally planned and yes I changed my major like 5 times before I figured out what I wanted to do with my life. But it's ok, there is a reason why things didn't go the way you planned them. I still don't know how things are going to pan out for me, but you know what, I've learned to let that fear of the unknown go and just go with the flow.
2. It's also to make lots of mistakes but hopefully you learned something from them. My parents and I always have this conversation when they tell me I told you so. And as much as I love it when they are right, I know I need to do certain things on my own to learn from them. I am pretty sure if I hadn't done and learned it on my own terms, I would probably still be doing some of those things.Ex: Being orange from the tanning bed is NOT cute. Some things do need to stay off of facebook, and
3. Be selfish every once in a while.  Sometimes you need to say whatever and do what you want. Don't worry about being such a people pleaser that you don't make time for yourself. It's ok that you want to go away 3.5 hours to school and take this time to really learn who you are. Thinking about some of the things I put myself through in the past just to make others happy is ridiculous. Gah I was such a pushover. What makes me laugh now is when people ask me why I've changed, um no it's just I learned not to take S**** from anyone. Sorry I'm not sorry.
4. As much as I hate admitting it, your parents actually do know what they're talking about. Momma will be ecstatic to see me admitting this. All those little chats we had in the past where I used to roll my eyes when they were trying to tell me something, I want to take back and actually listen. Little things like learn how to budget your money, take responsibility, and they always have a good judge of character about the people you surround yourself with.
5. Learn to be comfortable in your own skin. Comparing yourself to others won't get you anywhere.  If everyone else is doing it too, you don't have to jump in on the bandwagon. Learn how to be alone and enjoy it. Do things out of your comfort zone, this is the best way to discover things about yourself.

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