Friday, July 26, 2013

It's my Birthdayy, I do what I want!

Linking up for Confessional Friday :) 

1. My worst fashion offense of all time has to be oh gah there were so many! All throughout the 90s? 

2. The most embarrassing song on my iPod is probably Um maybe Hey Mickey, from Bring It On soundstrack.

3. The last white lie I told was probably telling someone I was on my way when I still haven't even left yet.

4. The celebrity I most wish would disappear is Kanye & Kim at the moment. BYE.

5. Sometimes I wish I could just live at the beach.

6. My childhood crush was Nick Lachey, HA

7. I've never turned down Diet coke.

8. people embarrassing themselves in front of a big group makes me a nervous wreck.

9. I'd rather watch paint dry than listen to someone throwing themselves a pitty party.

10. Much like a train wreck, I can't turn away from watching The Housewives or Honey Boo Boo. 
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