Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekend Shenans

Happy Tueday Y'all!

How sad is it to hear about Corey Monteith?  Let me say that I am usually not the type of person who gets attached to celebrity gossip like that but I LOVED Glee. It was one of those shows that I thought was super corny when I first heard about it but then they sang Don't Stop Believing and I was hooked!
And yes I know that I have never met him and never knew him on a personal level but I was one of those girls who fell in love with his character and of course my heart breaks for Lea Michelle and his friends and family. So I am going to leave it at that and say as terrible and heartbreaking as it is no high is worth losing your life over.

BUT now off to more fun things that happened. :) 

Saturday we went to the Atlanta Food Festival and oh my gah y'all, I was in heaven! It was food trucks galore! So much tasty food, it was scrumptious! They also had tons of local vendors lined up selling everything from coasters to soap. It was pretty neat!

NOW onto the best part of my weekend LUKE Bryan! Oh my, Luke never disappoints. Neither did Fla/Ga and Thompson Square. Even though it poured on us, we rained it out and kept going. Luke definitely proved why he was Entertainer of the Year, he just kept going! I'm already looking into when he's coming back. 

Sorry for a Tueasday update on my weekend Shenanigans, I spent all day yesterday after work catching up on my sleep. ( eek I sound old) 

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