Friday, June 28, 2013

5 on Friday!

It's the day before I leave for the beach. Linking up with these lovely ladies for 5 on Friday!

First thing i'm loving this week and everyday of my life are my sweet sweet momma and dad who share the same birthday on July 1st! ( IK IK its not July 1st yet, but since I won't be blogging next week I had to dedicate this post to them. And how awesome is it that they share birthdays? Cute, I know! I could write a novel on how much they have done and how I will forever be grateful for these two amazing parents but I will just leave it at that :)

Another thing about this week is my awesome college roommate/ biffle  or as she likes to refer to us as SOUL SISTERS, HA whose birthday is Tomorrow! So grateful for our friendship and that I get to help her spend her birthday on the beach! 

 The simplicity of having AC! We were without it for about a whole week and finally got it fixed this week. I took for granted having something simple as your AC working.. HA

My week will be spent with these lovely ladies and I am EXTATIC!


 And finally this friendly reminder that I will be on Island time in a few short hours! See yall next week!

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