Sunday, June 2, 2013

Instagram Weekly Recap

Hey Y'all! So of course I didn't catch Instagram Recap on Saturday (typical) so here we go! 
For some reason I am in love with this quote and this was my Motivational Monday one!

After every weekend, we send out personal thank you cards to our brides that we worked with. I love that we do this, adds such a personal touch to it. 

Never have I ever had such a small drink from Starbucks before, until now. It was gone in two sips, haha.

Went to Griffin to visit my college roommate and they have this dine in CFA where you sit down and order your food like at a restaurant. I was AMAZED. 

We hit up the town to get to know the locals!

TRopicolada! So good!

On the way back home, oh Atlanta how I love you. 

Saw this in a recent issue of cosmo and it couldn't be more appropriate to my life. 

Oh well there you have it, my week through Instagram :) 


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