Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Y'all!  
  This weekend was spent spending some money, eating some good food, and spending time with the family.
 I have been in need of a new hair straightener for the longest time and finally went to one of those vendors at the mall and bought a pro royale one, and oh my gosh y'all they are the best! I have really thick hair and this hair straightener did wonders. I highly recommend it!
It is also about the time where I start using some of my darker shades of nail polish and Sinful Colors has a new Berry Blossom Fall color out, in love!!

I have been on a Vietnamese food kick lately and Buford has the best Asian Restaurants.  Quôc Húóng is one of my favorite new places and they have the best Vietnamese Sandwiches, for cheap too! 
Sweet Hut is another new favorite of mine. The cutest bakery every and their desserts are OH MY GAH! So Delish!!  I would recommend both of those places! 

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  1. My boss took me to Sweet Hut a couple of months ago and I must say they have the yummiest sweets :) We need to make a trip there together!


  2. I go for the longest time without buying hairstyling tools, too. I just put it off for some reason. I went nearly 6 months without any kind of hair dryer once. I also went several years thinking that I was incapable of curling my hair, then realized it had probably been a decade since I had bought my curling iron :) Glad you found a good straightener... it makes all the difference!

    1. It really does! I wish I could go all natural with my hair, but it's too wild to tame!
      Thanks for stopping by :)