Thursday, August 15, 2013

Letter to my Freshman Self

EEk I still can't believe this year i will not be packing up my stuff and heading back down to Statesboro. I was not one of those people who was hit with the reality that college is officially over for me. yes I know it is, but I didn't get that overwhelming feeling like a lot of people do. Of course I miss it and would love to go back and relive some of the best years of my life, but everything that has happened since graduating from GSU has been even better.

There are so many things that given the chance again, I would have cherished just a little more and not taken for granted.

1. Listen to my parents and learn how to budget! Oh my goodness did I learn this the hard way my first year away from home. When that refund check comes in you think you're super rich and just start throwin hundreds hundreds. Come midterm, that will not be the case and you will be calling dear old mom and dad to put money in your account so you can hit up happy hour.
2. It's OK to not follow the small rules you had at home and have a bit of a wild streak.  Yes, you can skip Biology or Human Communications once or twice and go poolside with everyone else. Why? Because in high school I was such a good girl, I don't think I skipped a day, ever! Go out for Dollar Daqs, Wild Wednesdays, and Thirsty Thursdays when you have class the next day because once you get into the real world the struggle bus will be very cruel to you and you won't be able to recover as quickly as before.  And no I'm not saying go crazy wild either but it will do you some good to break a few rules and then come back and realize you were never intended to be a rule breaker.

3. Believe it or not, your professors do actually know what they're talking about. Crazy right? This is so true especially true once I started taking my Major classes. You're right, I have yet to apply the Pythagorean theory to anything relevant to my life, but I am constantly going back through my marketing and leadership books and constantly using it now in the real world, true story. They really are there to help you.

4. Prioritize! Yes you do have to go to the library to work on the World History that's due the next day. Shouldn't have waited till last minute to do it.  There will be plenty of Pajama Parties for you to go to, I promise.

5. Get involved and experience all the things your university has to offer.  This is one of the best ways to network and build great relationships. Plus it looks great on your resume. Yes, future employers look for that! Use the gym that's actually way nicer than any LA Fitness you've ever seen, you're paying for it so might as well use it. Join Clubs and other organizations.

6. Go to as many football games and other sporting events as possible! Some of your best and a few bad  memories will come from watching your Eagles do work in the prettiest little stadium in America and cherish every one of them!

7. You don't have it all figured out, and it's ok! This is the time for you to go ahead and change your major multiple of times, figure out your niche! So what if you barely made it through Economics, you'll be just fine, really! So what if it took you a few semesters to realize which professors don't require books and you actually never needed those books to begin with. You studied all night and barely passed the test? welcome to college. Yes it's totally acceptable to not really know what you're going to do after graduation, but make sure after freshman year you get it together and really start thinking about it.

8. You're gonna make lots of mistakes, just accept it and learn from them! Drinking all day without eating food will get you blackout and passed out. You will wake up feeling like death and throwing up nothing but stomach acid.  But you better believe you will never make that mistake again. yes, plenty of boys will disappoint you, but so what now you definitely know what you will and will not put up with. You will realize soon enough which tests you will really have to study for and which ones you can just wing it.

9. This is the time to figure out who you really are. This is the time to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. You will realize that you no loner have things in common with some people and it's alright that you go your separate ways. If a girly girl like you can step go out on a weekend long camping trip in the wilderness, survive and actually really enjoy it, then you did it right.

10. This really is where you find your Bridesmaids, not your husband! I'm pretty sure I read this on an Ecard somewhere and laughed. Thinking psht no way, I will for sure be engaged or close to it by the time I am graduating all because we circled sweetheart circle three times. HA that did not happen! Oh well, you did meet some of you best friends here or as Jessica likes to call us Soul Sisters :) And not just that but going out of your comfort zone has allowed you meet some pretty amazing friends!

11. College is NOTHING like high school, it's so much better. Take the time to figure it all out enjoy the ride. Because it will go by way too fast and before you know it, it's over. Appreciate the small things like being able to walk into your roommates closet and borrow her clothes, knowing when your favorite restaurants have discount days, being able to take random trips to Savannah, and Wopping on stage.  As cliche as it is,some of the best years of your life will be spent in that small little town of Statesboro where you met some of the greatest people and made some of your best memories.

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