Friday, August 16, 2013

Five on Friday Fall Edition...AGAIN

My obsession with Fall is an understatement. Sorry about it. 
Here is what i've been pinning these last few days and cannot wait to try out :) 

 I am obsessed with this J.Crew skinny chevron puffer vest. You know I am hitting up J. Crew after working for this.
 Putting cinnamon sticks around a vanilla candle. How meat!
 Cutting out the top part of an apple and putting a candle inside. This would be perfect for Thanksgiving!
 Never thought of that..put 2 bunt cakes together to make a pumpkin cake!
 I am in desperate need of a new hair straightener and my friend Ashley has one and her hair is always perfect. tried it out last week and LOVED it.

Half day at work today, holla! Y'all have a happy Friday! :) 

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  1. I've been wanting that vest since last fall! LOVE it!

  2. Seriously in love with that puffer vest as well! Ah! Thanks for linking up at the Let's Be Friends hop!

  3. Make that three!! Love the vest. Chevron kinda works too :) I loveee the apple idea. That would make a nice centerpieces!