Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Blues

Y'all I am not feeling today at all.Maybe it's the fact that labor day weekend is so close. This is going to sum up my whole week.
don't even
My weekend consisted of Weddings, Sushi,
 Lots of Coffee, and relaxation. 

Can we just take a moment and appreciate Justin Timberlake and Nsync preforming last night. That was the best part of the show. My inner teen  fan girl couldn't control herself last night. And yes, I am still listening to my Nsync Pandora station right now.

Thanks Smith Family, this is exactly how I felt last night watching Miley Cyrus preform. I really thought she couldn't shock me anymore, yet she did. I could write a whole novel on this girl. Don't get me wrong I still jam out to Party in the USA like it just came out, that's my jam. I was completely uncomfortable, that's the best way to put it.And what the heck was Robin Thicke thinking?? But you go ahead and do you Miley.

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  1. Girl that word... delish!
    We need to go out more lol


    1. Yes it was delish!! We definitely have to do that again! :)

  2. Hi I am a new follower to your lovely blog (Via GFC)and it really feel pleasure meeting new awesome bloggers like you. Found you through Mingle Monday Link Up. Was busy last month due to sister's marriage so was not regular in blogging, but now will regular and waiting for your next post.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by. I'll be sure to check yours out as well :)

  3. You have the cutest blog, I love the chevron! Today I was nominated for a blog award and I nominated you to receive it next. Please check my blog for details. Thanks!

    1. Thank you, you are so sweet!
      Heading to your blog to check it out! Thanks for nominating me! :)