Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Life Lately

Hi Friends! 
I can't believe that I have not blogged on almost a month. I am the worst.  So much has been happening these last few weeks that i just decided to focus on getting things back in order with my life, ha.

I know I've shared on here before my goal to get back into the gym and I have been doing VERY good lately. Hello 10 pound weight loss!  it might be just me, but seeing those numbers go down on the scale motivates me more and more. That is mostly where my focus has been these past few weeks.

As of last week, our Britney Spears Tickets have been purchased, Hello VEGAS!

Hello cupcake ATM at Lenox. My new favorite thing there. 
Can we go back to my obsession with Madison! She is growing up way too fast, she's already 4 months!

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