Monday, October 14, 2013

Mimosas, Engagement Photoshoots, & baby Shower

Happy Monday Y'all! This weekend went by so fast and was filled lots of shenanigans. 

   Ok so most people don't consider anything having to do with work part of your weekend, but I just had to share this. we visited all of our preferred venues and brought them Fall goodies as a Thank You. Just one of my favorite perks of my job!

Ashley and Eric also took their engagement pictures Saturday at Piedmont Park and we got to participate? Of course we showed up with our own Mimosas and I had the best time looking at pictures and suggesting ideas, can't help it, it's the party planner in me! p.s the pictures came out AMAZING!

And finally, the Baby Shower was this Sunday! What a huge success, everything went great! My aunt did an amazing job with the decorations! I will do a post alone on the baby shower, when I get all the pictures in. in the meantime, I just wanted to share my favorite part, they decided to give Madison my name for her middle name! How neat is that??I am beyond excited, and ready for that sweet baby to get here already!

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