Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Transformation Tuesday (Wednesday Edition)

Happy Hump Day Y'all! On Monday when I did my post after weeks of being MIA, I mentioned being busy. Well one of the main reasons for me not having too much time on my hands, has been with focusing a LOT of my time on ME time. Throughout the year, I've blogged here and there about getting back into shape, so much easier said and done. It wasn't until April when I saw a picture of myself where I decided enough is enough. Within the first month, I dropped 12 pounds, and thought oh this will be easy! HA, was I wrong!   
I kept going, even plateauing a few times, and it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago I noticed the difference. Other people have mentioned it, but I think we are always harder on ourselves, so I never saw what anyone else saw. 
So proud of myself for dropping 32 pounds since April 18th and still have a long way to go, but none the less, every pound counts. 

Of course I am linking up with the one person who has been on this journey way longer than I have, and if her blog doesn't inspire you then I don't know who can. 
The Hump Day Blog Hop

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  1. You look amazing! Congratulations!! :)

  2. Congrats girl you look amazing! I am trying to drop some l-b's too! What is working for you?