Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

I can't say it enough, every weekend should be a three day weekend. 
For me, Labor Day weekend always seems to involve Football, soaking in the last bits of sunshine, and hitting up all the Labor Day sales and stocking up on Fall attire, this year was no different. 
The beginning of College football is like nothing else. Back when I was still in Statesboro, ALL weekend was spent  prepping and then recovering from Game Day. Gah, how I miss it! 
The Eagle moved up a division this year and unfortunately we played so well the first half, leading the whole time against NC State, we lost by a point in the end, so so disappointing. Saturdays is always reserved for Game Days. Afterwards I was totally in the mood and watched Draft Day, what a good movie!!
Old Navy had some great deals happening also, everything was up to 50% off! Loved spending all day Monday getting in some pool and play time. 

Now that summer is officially over, I am ready for Fall Shenanigans! 

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  1. You are so lucky you had pool weather this weekend! It was pretty gloomy in NYC...

  2. Haha, I love the hair flip, what a cool picture. I got to soak up a little sun myself. It was nice. I didn't have a three day though, I had to work on Saturday, boo. I hope your having a great Tuesday (that feels like Monday).

  3. I agree that there is nothing better than the start of college football season! :) I really want to watch that Draft Day movie, glad to hear it's good!

  4. What is that leopard print I see? Cute! Love the hair flip picture! The pool was missing from my weekend and it makes me sad! Looks like you had fun! Have a great week!