Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Shenans

Happy Monday! With the crappy weather Atlanta has been having these past couple of days, this weekend was the perfect time for me to be a little low key and get me ready for the next couple of exciting weekends ahead! 
Football is finally back! The Falcons won their preseason game against the Dolphins Friday night, so I was a happy girl! 

Since I am trying to clear out some space on my phone, below are my weekend snaps that I got from my other social media accounts, terrible I know. Ha. 

Like I said, crappy weather. Not gonna lie, I really do enjoy this type of weather when I don't have too much planned. 
I did get creative in the Kitchen and made this delicious Pinterest Meatball Sub Casserole, and it was such a hit. I am adding this on my list of things that are definitely edible. 
It was also a good weekend to get my workouts in at home. Thank you Youtube and Billy Blanks. 

I lost my planner and just HAD to get a new one, even though I ordered the 2015 one from Kate Spade
This one will have to do until then. 


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  1. I love low key weekends too - sometimes that's the best part about winter - is not having to go anywhere haha!! i made a pinterest meal this weekend too - guess it was just one of those weekends lol!

  2. I wish the rain would stop getting in the way of my weekending. I got soaked Saturday while shopping!

    Yay Falcons! In a few weeks college will be starting back up too and my life will be complete again.

    Have a great week!