Monday, March 24, 2014

Busy busy weekends

Happy Monday Y'all! 
These past few weeks have been nonstop, which explains my lack of updating. Between work and enjoying these beautiful Atlanta Days, I have barely had any time to just sit down and relax! 

1&2. Two weeks ago me and Catherine had met up at Starbucks for what we thought would be a just a quiet relaxing catch up session, out of nowhere we decided to go out downtown and checkout Skyview the ferris wheel in Atlanta. Totally spontaneous and so not us, but we loved it. We even scoped out where the University of Kentucky basketball team was staying, groupie status, ha. 
3. Bridal Shows have taken over my Sundays these past couple of weeks. 
4. With the amazing weather we have been having, we took Madison out to the park and she loved it. 
5. Last week, I also attended a Mary Kay Party, it was my first one and I actually loved it. I was totally biased for all these years until last week. Loved Loved their products and am looking forward to trying out some more of their products. Isn't Madison the cutest? 


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